Student Podcasts 2020

These, we believe.

This fall, 6th grade students at Workshop Middle School drafted original personal essays inspired by NPR’s radio documentary series, This I Believe.

Following their writing, students recorded and edited sound for our podcast series, These, We Believe. Let’s listen:

Jasper Adler-O’Neill
Compromise and Negotiation are Key
Sadie Hagan
Beauty Isn’t a Thing You’re Born With
Zola Hale
I Believe in Equal Rights
Elias Handel
Being Allergic is Hard
Charlie Hubbard
This World Needs to be Fixed
Mary Lanier
America’s Biggest Mistake
Elsie Metternich-Wolff
People are Like Trees
Liam O’Connor
A True Athlete Has Character
Sonja Rubin
I Believe in Hard Work

Noah Trautmann
Climate Change is Real
Sebastien Gournay
Be Yourself


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