Student Podcasts 2019

These, We Believe.

A collection of student podcasts on original themes.

Students at Workshop Middle School learn advanced academic skills through immersive, hands-on projects. Here, students drafted and published personal essays inspired by NPR’s radio documentary series, This I Believe.

Following their writing, students recorded and edited sound for their podcast and designed kinetic typography to illustrate their ideas.

Maurice Anderson
I believe in life after death.
William Davis
I believe everyone should have a pet.
Lulu Galea
Everyone should be treated equally.
Ryan Maher
Video games can be calming.
Yalei Ravin
Kids should have a say in their own education.
Dex Sutton
I believe in aliens.
Gil Vardi
I believe in airplanes.
Mika Zurim
Trust that we will know.


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