The Evolution of American Cuisine

Liam F. Final Project Proposal: HUM Photojournalism My photo series is about the evolution of American cuisine. I will be taking pictures of food, and writing about their history in detail. America is a country of immigrants so the history of these foods is very interesting. I want people to know how unique and specialContinue reading “The Evolution of American Cuisine”

People’s lives with pets By: Kanna

 What I’m photographing (at least 3 portraits): 1. My family friend (Leslie)& (Suna or Many) 2. My STEM teacher (Andrew)& (Golda) 3. My friend (Eamon)&(Ollie) Q&A What is life with cats?  Leslie: 1. Q: How much do you enjoy living with cats and why? A: I have lived with and without cats, and I loveContinue reading “People’s lives with pets By: Kanna”

Important Foods In American Culture By Aiden Reiss

1 (Pizza): In america, there are around “350 slices of pizza eaten every second,” but why is that? To see why pizza is the most popular food in the US, we have to go back to the nineteenth century when imigragrents started coming to the US. One fourth of all immigrants were Italian. “With them,Continue reading “Important Foods In American Culture By Aiden Reiss”