The Pearls of the NYC Subway System

168 st Station

168 Station 1 train platform

Established in 1932 as one of the first IND stations 168 Station it was added in 2005 to the National Register of Historic Places the 168th station is a stop for the 1, C, and A trains it been renovated a few times from 2013-2016 they replace the tiles on the 1 train platform from January 5 to December 20, 2019, they replaced the elevator car the get to the 1 platform there are 6 tracks in the station four of witch are for the A,C trains and two are for the 1 train. I choose this photograph because it shows the amazing mosaic tile tunnel that i think symbolizes the 168 street station because its unique because mostly Station have tunnels hidden above the track to go form downtown to uptown sides of the platform in stations like this but in this station the bridge is shown and the other platforms at 168st station don’t have this spectacular bridge

81 st Station

Mosaic tiles of the ocean at the downtown platform at the 81 st station

It’s been around 1932 and it’s got 4 tracks 2 downtown tracks an express and local and two uptown tracks also a local and express the only trains that run on the express tracks primarily are the  D and A trains and the local trains are the C and B trains  The station was renovated in 1998–2000, to work with the building of new Hayden Planetarium, within the Earth and Space center in the museum The floors were also replaced, new lighting installed and, the token booth upgraded, the walls and staircases were re-tiled. Structural improvements were also made during the renovation. i think this photo best Symbolizes the station out of all the mosaic tiles that decorate the station i think this one stands out the most to me and others because of every attention to detail and to make the some of the tiles three dimensional it was amazing 

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