Dog Genetics Vs Personality

This dog is a Cavachon

According to Google. , they are extremely friendly and affectionate and can be barky. They would recommend having a companion dog if you have a Cavachon, they don’t like to be alone too long.

This Cavachon was a bit friendly but didn’t come up to me a lot and didn’t bark at all.

This Cavachon didn’t have a companion dog either.  So this dog isn’t a lot like the breed’s genetics.

According to Google. GSD’s are a bit slow to warm to strangers but when they are with their families they are very loving.

Shadow the German Shepherd I met was only 5 months old and walked right up to me and was very happy and didn’t seem very shy. He started to jump on me a bit but that was because he wasn’t fully trained.

This dog was also not like its genetics according to google

This is golda. She is a Shih-poo.

According to Google.   “Shih-Poos are described as friendly and playful. They are the size of your average lap dog, They have a moderate energy level. They enjoy napping in your lap for hours and they also enjoy walks and love playtime”

Golda is very playful and loves to walk around to get the most pets and attention. Golda greets everybody that opens the door to school and loves spending time with us.

Andrew describes Golda as very chill but also playful.

Golda is very much like her genetics but that dosen’t mean that all dogs are like there genetic

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