People’s lives with pets By: Kanna

 What I’m photographing (at least 3 portraits):

1. My family friend (Leslie)& (Suna or Many)

2. My STEM teacher (Andrew)& (Golda)

3. My friend (Eamon)&(Ollie)

Q&A What is life with cats?

 Leslie: 1. Q: How much do you enjoy living with cats and why?
A: I have lived with and without cats, and I love living with cats. It is a big responsibility,  particularly having indoor only cats, here in new york city. They are like little prisoners. They can’t just go outside and get their own food and water, they have to rely on me. Apart from the responsibility, they are great companions. They’re fun, they’re loving, and relaxing. They make me happy.

2. Q:How much time do you get to spend with cats?
A: Before Covid, and while I was working, I really looked forward to spending time with them in the evenings.I like having two cats, because they can keep eachother company. Now that I am working from home, I get to see them all the time, which is very happy-making for me. They like to sit on my desk, and sometimes on my keyboard. They have been known to draft knon- sense emails.  

3. Q:What are the Pros and Cons of having a cat from your perspective.
A: The  downside is the responsibility and the fact that having pets in general is required more advanced planning for things like travel. But, the good outweighs the inconvenient parts. I simply enjoy watching them. 

Andrew: 1. Q: How much do you enjoy living with a dog and why?

                  A: Oh I love living with Golda, Golda is like my bestie. Why? ‘Cause she’s just sweet! You know, a lot of times, when i’m feeling down, or someone else is feeling down, she kinda senses it, and likes to cuddle. Also like after a hard day, she’s so excited when I come home, 

 Like she had forgotten that I existed, and then I come home and she’s out of her mind, it’s kinda the best feeling in the world, ‘cause Humans don’t do that!

            2. Q: How much time do you spend time with your dog?

                A: Well, there are two kinds of times that we spend, one is in the same vicinity, but she is on her own and I’m on my own, but she likes what is called proximity which is kind of being in the same area as someone. And the second, I would say is when we are snuggling, or petting, or hanging out, I would say half an hour of snuggling a day, maybe 2 hours of proximity.

            3. Q: What are the pros and cons of having a dog?

                A: The Pros are, there’s a kind of friendship or a relationship, and the cons I would say is when the weather is terrible, and it’s cold outside or you’re tired, you don’t really go 

walk with them, you’d rather sit and watch TV and do nothing. Also, they’re expensive! She has to get her hair cut, we have to buy her food, she doesn’t work so she earns no money, it’s ridiculous! Also she can’t talk,  like learn how to talk bro, i’ve had you for like four years!



  Eamon: 1. Q: How much do you enjoy living with a dog and why?

                      A: I love living with my dog because she is so sweet, fluffy and also smart. The only bad thing is when she poops on your floor every year and eats food off of the counter.

                  2.Q:How much time do you spend with your dog?

          A: I usually spend a good 15 mins snuggling with ollie, and the whole day with her nearby. 

                 3.Q: What are the pros and cons of having a dog?                    A:The pros are that doggos are the NICEST, KINDEST and SWEETEST animals EVER! the cons are you need to walk them, they want A LOT of attention, even when you cant give it to them, and sometimes they go potty on your floor.

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