Human nature


  1. What are some of your habits 

Meditate for 15min 

Watch to much tv

Good teeth cleaning 

  1. Would you rather evil or good 

Evil would be easier but still choose good

  1. What’s your opinion on good and evil 

Does not believe anyone is evil or good 

  1. What’s your motives in life 

Help people become more true to themselves


Some of my moms habits are she drink chamomile tea before bed

She takes a shower every morning

She likes  to exercise before breakfast My mom would rather be good rather than evil because if your good everyone can be happy. If you’re evil, you are only thinking about your own happinessMy mom thinks good and evil are too simplistic though. Most of us have aspects of ourselves that are good and not so good. My mothers motives in life are to raise happy and functional kids, to enjoy my work, and build a strong and loving family

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