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Tacos are one of the most enjoyed meals in America but it wasn’t always like that. Let us take a step back in time. A lot of people believed that tacos were created in Mexico in the 18th century by silver miners. There is a lot of unknown history about the taco, like anything in history it is not easy to track. When Mexican migrants came to America in 1905, ladies called “Chili Queens” sold tacos in Los Angeles. In Mexico, tacos were cheap and easy to make on the go as a migrant worker. To Americans, they thought it was exotic, something they have never seen or tasted before. It started getting popular and people wanted to put their own spin on it. 

The taco came to America in 1905 and the “Chilli Queens” would make tacos with the original Mexican recipe. But in 1950 the ingredients started to combine with American ingredients. The “Ultimate Taco”  started to become all the rage, it was made with chicken or beef, tomatoes, cool lettuce, and cheddar cheese. The “Ultimate Taco” flavors weren’t as spicy and flavorful as the tacos the “Chilli Queens” had originally served. But then the whole world got introduce to tacos. People from all over the world took a spin on it. There are fusions that I honestly didn’t think about like Taco Mahal where they put Indian food into tacos!  And Banhmigos a place that serves tacos with Vietnamese fillings! What I’m trying to say is tacos are very versatile and the options are endless now. It’s crazy to believe that this cuisine that came from migrants as a solution to eating on the go, has become famous worldwide.

My family worships tacos. We usually make our tacos with ground beef or ground turkey, cheese, jalapeños, cilantro, and bell pepper. But if we don’t have the time to make them we usually go to either of 3 places: Taqueria Milear, Chilos, and Chavelas. They are all really good and local to my home in Brooklyn. We are still waiting for our chance to go to Mexico to try tacos and other things from their roots, but we will get that chance soon hopefully. My mom found this cool tortilla that is made out of purple corn and it looks so elegant.  We also bought this T-rex taco holder That holds 2 tacos which is perfect because my parents eat 2 tacos (I eat 3). Eating tacos with my family is a really fun experience and I love when we have a taco Tuesday, tacos also go well with a family game night and movie night.

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