A nerf interview by Noah Trautmann


My favorite strategy is having a distraction and then sneak to the enemy base and do a hit and run. I like it because you don’t get shot as much, and you can take out the enemy quickly.

My favorite gun is the delta trooper, because it is light, easy to carry and accurate. My favorite role is a rifleman  because you can dish out lots of hits without being hit,  you can be very sneaky, but as a heavy gunner you can’t be stealthy , riflemen can also be fast.


 My favorite strategy is a distraction, then a team of 3 would flank the enemy and sneak attack using suppressive force. I like it because it’s thrilling and it’s hard to get hit.  My favorite role is mobile light gunner because I can pack a punch while still being mobile, while not sacrificing  mobility for firepower. My favorite gun is a  Perses with an extended hopper which allows it to  hold 160 rounds.

It’s mobile, fast and powerful. I think it’s the best nerf gun ever.  


My favorite strategy is to Flank  with 2 -3 people, jump out and demolish the enemy. It works well and it makes the enemy bored while you are flanking.  Light machine gunner because light machine guns are powerful and mobile.

My favorite gun is the nerf modulus Regulator. I like it because it has a lot of Firepower and it’s mobile, unlike the Rhino fire.

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