Nerf Gun Statistics

The reason that I chose this project is because I like Nerf Guns. I like them because they are fun to play with, help get me away from a screen, and are toy guns that shoot little bits of foam! What’s not to love? Below, you will see some pictures and see some of the differences between the Nerf Guns that I have researched.


Delta Trooper is a good Nerf Gun. It fires nerf darts up to 90 feet. It shoots 75 feet per second, comes with a 12 round magazine and costs about $46 on Amazon. It is a semi-automatic Nerf Gun, which means that you have to press the trigger for every shot you fire.

Above, Delta Trooper. I like this Nerf Gun because it is light, you can make it compact, and it shoots well. I like to use this gun for scouting, and being the advance force. Once I was on the field, and I used this Nerf Gun to get the assassin, when we were playing a game called Protect the President.


The Nerf Gun above is Disruptor. It is small and lightweight, and shoots far: 90 ft. It is not a good main gun, because it does not have a very high ammo capacity, and main guns should have a high-ish ammo capacity, but it is a great sidearm. It even shoots 72 ffeet per second, with a 6-round ammo capacity. Once when I was at a steep hill in Prospect Park having a Nerf War, I held my own against much more powerful Nerf Guns with the Disruptor. The game that I was playing was Protect the President. The game is played by two people being assassins, one person being the president, and the rest being secret service. If you have any other questions about the game, you can leave a comment on the bottom of this page. If you want to buy this Nerf Gun, it is $10 on Amazon.


Above, Rhino Fire. It is one of my best Nerf Guns for defense. It shoots far (90 ft) and fast (90 feet per second), but it is discontinued now, so it is about $170. It has two 25-dart drums and fires 2-3 darts per second. When you use it a lot, the motor starts to wear out, and it jams more. I feel like this nerf gun is kind of legendary because everyone that I’ve met wants to use it, and it looks cool and fires well.

I think that Nerf Guns are great, because they combine a few things that I like. Playing with my friends, Physical activity, strategy, and creativity. I have written this document because I love Nerf Guns and I want to share my passion with you. what I mean by that is I want you to know as much about Nerf Guns and enjoy them as much as I do. I hope that you have enjoyed the information above, and if you have any comments or questions, you can write them below. Thanks for reading, Eamon.

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