Interviewing artists, a story by Charlie hubbard

This project is about me taking photos of my classmates who like to draw, interviewing them and then talking about how they perceive drawing. the reason i connect to this idea is because a few months ago i decided to start drawing, and i’ve grown a lot since i’ve started, and i wanted to see and talk about some of the things my other classmates have done, the topic is also super interesting, the idea that even 3 people in my class, draw completely different.

Elias handel

I took this picture of Elias because he loves to draw and from what I’ve seen, he is extremely skilled in his own way. From what I can tell Elias draws and approaches drawing in the anime art style but with a few simpler shapes. As a viewer his drawings are little more cartoony, it reminds me of a chibi manga, a style where the figures are more childlike. Elias told me he has been drawing since he can remember, and he draws everyday. When I was interviewing him he said he normally draws people, most of the time with similar hairstyles because it’s annoying to create new ones. When I asked him how he feels when he draws, he told me that he normally draws while watching tv, and looks at them when he finishes. He told me he sometimes posts the pictures on the internet to show other people. Elias draws constantly, daily, not even thinking when or what to draw, it just comes naturally–so naturally that he says he used to absently rip up his work after doing it, whether it was good or not, because he knew he would always draw more.

Sadie hagen

I took this picture of Sadie because I’ve heard Sadie likes to draw, and it turns out Sadie’s past as an artist is really interesting. Sadie’s mom is an artist and it was her mom who taught her how to draw. Sadie draws cartoons, but she likes to make them look a little more realistic, and currently Sadie is making a graphic novel as a project. I saw some of it and even though she draws some of the characters at a faster pace than normal, meaning meaning she could be prioritizing quantity over quality, they still look like people from a graphic novel. Sadie likes to draw people, and most of the time she draws girls. When I asked how Sadie feels when she draws she said she normally feels calm, but when the drawing looks bad she gets frustrated. Drawing is on of the things that connects sadie to her family, and all of the things above prove that Sadie is a great artist.


I took this picture of Noah because Noah draws differently than the rest and I thought his complete uniqueness would be a good thing to add to this project. Noah wanted to put his imagination down on paper, he wanted to show people what he was thinking, and the most interesting part is the fact that Noah loves to draw tanks, warships, blueprints, battles and etc, Noah loves war history so he sees drawing as a way to redraw everything he knows and loves. Noah will draw other things, but missiles and tanks seem to be his specialty. I haven’t seen too much of Noah’s drawings, so soon i will ask him to draw a custom tank so i can see. I think the idea that noah uses paper, his imagination and knowledge of tanks, to draw some lifelike looking warships astounds me. When i asked Noah how he feels when he draws he told me he feels empowered, which is interesting cause i’ve never heard about someone who feels powerful when they draw, anyways i think the interesting life as an artist Noah’s had is worthy of this project.

thank you for your time!!

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