Toys through time

by .Elias

I took pictures of toys in my room that I had either forgot about or really like and researched how they are made, where they are made, and how old you have to be to use one.

Puppy  (2009)

On the day I was born I got my first stuffie, a Bashful Mutt from Jellycat. I called him “Puppy.” He had white fur with brown patches that were fluffy and warm. I played with him everyday and brought him to my preschool but he was also a victim of my sister’s deadly surgery in which she took some scissors and cut off all of his limbs leaving him in piles of cotton balls. My mom rushed to the rescue and stitched him together. I still love Puppy, even though now he’s pretty beat up and doesn’t really look like he did when I first got him. That’s what makes him unique and different from all of the other 2009 Jellycat Bashful Mutts. 

The Bashful Mutt was made in an era of great kids movies such as Coraline and Fantastic Mr. Fox, and not so good movies such as Curious George: Catch that Monkey! and Pink Panther 2. With the new look into a bright future in Obama’s presidency, there was also a new look into toys. The Bakugan Battle Pack was released and gained one billion dollars in sales, breaking some world records. The Crayola MagicBrush set and LeapFrog Reading System also came out in 2009, helping kids with their education and arts. In a hopeful time, the toys were new, bright and colorful,  just how many adults looked at how the years to come would be.

If you don’t know about Mochi Squishy toys, they are japanese little squishy animals with cute designs, they were released in the U.S. in 2017 and got very popular. I got my first mochi squishy in third grade, my friend had a giant jar of them and he gave one to me. My toy was sealed in a plastic wrap so I quickly unwrapped it, after that it got covered in dust and really dirty so I kept all my others in their plastic. When I look at one of my Mochi Squishies I see the plastic that covers it and that reminds me of the way that these toys are made in factories and made with chemicals. When I think of my Mochi Squishy toys cute design I realize that was all planned marketing and targeting to get the most sales, and even though we all know this we continue buying because of their cute designs.

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