At first I just wanted to take photos of some cute animals, but as I kept going I dug deeper and realized things about animals I didn’t even think of before. I love animals because they are all so interesting and different. They are slowly starting to go extinct and people need to know about how important they are to the world and to you, they can even change your life. This is very important because animals are very important to the environment and sometimes to us. Pets, or wild animals, they are both important to us and the environment. Animals are slowly becoming extinct, I want this piece to inspire people to help them. Before I did this piece I didn’t really think animals could change your life, I just thought they did their part for the environment, but after thinking about it some animals do change your life, not just your pets.

The baby bunnies in the makeshift home

These are baby New England Cottontails. New England cottontails are the only rabbits native to this area. Their population has lessened because of habitat loss, so protecting them is needed to help them thrive. I found them in a baseball field, chased away by my dog (on the right)and fled from their home, a hole camouflaged under the bleachers. They all separated and ran through the chain link fence. They were too young to be out and were all tripping and stumbling while running. It was cold, so my cousin and I worried they would freeze. So we went out and found all five of them huddling in the grass separated. We made them a makeshift shelter (what they are in, in the photo) and then returned them. It was sad to leave them because they were so cute. These little rabbits were super cute and I was sad to leave but I think they are happier now, and they will help their species survive. They changed my life because I now know about how their population is shrinking and I know how to help. If this ever happens, I can do it again and help their species thrive and survive. It taught me that even though sometimes you really want something you have to  do what’s better, and in my case putting the bunnies back was better for them.

This is my dog, Ozzie, a happy  tri colored mini Australian Shepard. Aussie’s are smart, energetic dogs. They are herding dogs, and like to run a lot. They come in 3 different sizes such as standard, mini(like he is) and toy. He enjoys running around, playing fetch and napping in strange places. I like taking him on walks and seeing him play fighting with dogs five times his size. On the first day I got him he came at 9:45 PM. My sister and mother came home with him in a dog blanket, nestled in my sister’s arms. As soon as they came home I ran over and pet his soft fluffy black fur. We let him outside and he looked like a ball of fluffy fur. He came over to me and sat on my lap as I pet him while smiling from ear to ear. I went to sleep dreaming of Ozzie and woke up early so I could be with him. Downstairs I took him outside and decided to take out the soccer ball and kick it. Ozzie runs at it and barks with his high pitch voice. I laugh and kick it at him. He runs away barking at it like he is challenging it. The fluffy little furball has changed my life, everyday I wake up and he is downstairs and I come down and sit with him and pet him and he also always makes me feel better, he makes me happy. He always is there when I’m bored so I play fetch with him and I always have a fun time. He is always smiling and so it makes me happy and makes me want to smile too. 

My dog, Ozzie

This photo is a photo of an American Robin, mid-flight. American robins are very common in prospect park during the spring. They stay on the ground quite a lot, looking for worms to eat. They are brownish grey with a red belly and under wing. Whenever I think of prospect park, the memories of school there, going there with my family, picnics, anytime I think of prospect park I think of robins, flying, digging for worms, just there. Robins are alway there when we do school in the park and they help me calm down especially during meditation in the morning, their bird song is very calming and beautiful. Sometimes when I am frustrated, or mad, or sad I think of the birds singing and it helps me calm down.

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