Bridget’s Project Title

Description of project. Photographs and interviews by Bridget Badore.

“I am a cat. I am a very fluffy cat. I love being a cat and saying things. Here, I can say another thing! I am saying so many things. I love to say things about things.”

– Queso
Queso on the couch, looking suspicious

Queso photographed by Bridget Badore

Another caption Example! Words words words. More words, and then some more words! If you are doing a research-based project, you’ll probably be writing your caption in 3rd person [from your perspective, paraphrasing (AKA re-wording) information you’ve learned about your subject].

Maybe you even have another paragraph worth of words! Maybe you include the interview format, listed below:

Interviewer: I am asking you a question. What is your answer?

Person: This is my answer! Maybe I’ll elaborate on it and you’ll have plenty of sentences to use here. Expanding on the topic and making your reader so very curious!

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Photographer, Art Teacher, Human, etc. ✿

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