Students learn advanced academic skills and durable character strengths through immersive, hands-on projects. Middle school should be amazing!

What do we make?

Middle school students can learn advanced academic content and skills. Immersive, hands-on projects help early adolescents ground complex content and skills in concrete, tangible contexts.

6th Grade

In STEM, 6th grade students learn core skills in algebra, geometry, chemistry, and life science through innovative projects in baking, construction, design, and virtual reality.

7th Grade

In Humanities, 7th grade students compose music, perform black box theater, and produce a multimedia oral history to learn poetry, narrative, and documentary research.

8th Grade

In 8th Grade, students completed advanced projects in journalism, life sciences, and physics to prepare for high-level academic courses in high school.

Genius Hour

During Genius Hour, students design and create, personal passion projects. Independent learning projects ignite student learning and promote essential Executive Function skills.


In Studio, students explore creative arts and technology skills. Each week, they complete a new project in coding, crafting, digital media, fine art, and woodworking.


During Advisory, students process socioemotional skils in safe, small groups. Daily advisory helps students explore personal identities, community connections, and healthy adolescent development.